ExxonMobil supports Changalane Womens Farmer Association with clean cook stoves

MAPUTO, MOZAMBIQUE – ExxonMobil Moçambique, Limitada announced its support for the pilot program that introduces smart and clean cook stoves to the Changalane Women’s Farmer Association (Women’s Association) in Maputo. The program is implemented by ADPP Mozambique in partnership with Mozambique Renewables Limited.
  • Funding provides smart and clean cook stoves to women farmers
  • Women will be trained as clean cook stove agents
The pilot program will provide a revolutionary cook stove powered by locally sourced agricultural residues to 30 women subsistence farmers and their families. The stove includes a solar panel, a 100w LED light, USB charging port and a mobile phone. The program will be managed in-situ by an MBA graduate of Eduardo Mondlane University who will provide training and guidance on the use of the cook stoves. Throughout the course of the pilot the women will be trained and qualify as agents for the cook stoves and will realize the benefits of the clean cook stoves and the biomass fuel that is half the cost of charcoal. 
“ExxonMobil is pleased to support Changalane Women’s Association,” said Jos Evens, General Manager of ExxonMobil Moçambique, Limitada. “This pilot in Changalane builds on ExxonMobil’s continued commitment to support initiatives that promote improved health and women empowerment. This program is designed to reduce the cost for cooking fuel by being less reliant on charcoal, while also providing the associated health and environmental benefits.” 
Cooking with charcoal in rural and semi-rural settings is the cause of significant health and environmental concerns. The Researcher will be monitoring the health and environmental impact in the community, due to switching to the clean cook stoves. The information will be used to support the Women’s Association and to improve the smart, clean cook stove offering in order to displace the use of charcoal. 
“ADPP is grateful for ExxonMobil’s continuous support to women in agriculture,” said Birgit Holm, Executive Director of ADPP Mozambique. “The Women’s Association will benefit and we hope the results will enable broader benefit to the Changalane community.” 
“This pilot program in Changalane is very important to show the benefits of this clean cook stove solution,” said Patrick Munroe, Founder of Mozambique Renewables Limited. “We have seen a positive impact of these stoves in Nampula, and hope this pilot in Changalane can reduce the cost for cooking fuel, improve health conditions caused by charcoal and reduce deforestation. We thank ExxonMobil for their support in this project”.    

About ExxonMobil 
ExxonMobil, the largest publicly traded international oil and gas company, uses technology and innovation to help meet the world’s growing energy needs. In Mozambique, ExxonMobil holds a 25 percent indirect interest in Area 4 and will lead the construction and operation of future natural gas liquefaction facilities. In addition, ExxonMobil was awarded the joint rights to negotiate the Angoche basin (A5-B) and the Zambezi Delta (Z5-C and Z5-D) concessions, as part of Mozambique’s fifth licensing round. 
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About ADPP
ADPP Mozambique is a Mozambican Non-Governmental Association that works across Quality Education, Health and Well-being, Sustainable Agriculture, and the Environment.  Established in 1982, we have grown steadily ever since, expanding our expertise and project delivery. We employ approximately 3,000 people and implement over 60 projects across all provinces of the country. Our projects benefit approximately 6 million Mozambicans each year. Partnerships are important to us. We work closely and collaboratively with the Government of Mozambique, and with local and international partners, to improve the living conditions of all Mozambicans and to promote the equitable, social, and economic, development of the country.

About Mozambique Renewables Limited
Mozambique Renewables Limited (Mo-Re) is a UK and Mozambique based management team active in the biomass sector since 2013, running tests on various biomass sources as an alternative energy source with the goal of reducing the strain on the environment brought on by massive deforestation due to the use of charcoal for cooking. Along with our engineering partners Pamoja Moçambique LDA, we aim to displace Charcoal with sustainable locally sourced fuels. In addition, we are in the process of securing 4000ha of depleted land in northern Mozambique for an innovative agri-forestry program in partnership with the University of British Columbia.
Please visit: www.mo-re.uk or please contact: ali.divani@mo-re.uk, Tel: +447930333926