ExxonMobil, employees support Cyclone Idai relief efforts in Mozambique

Cyclone Idai, which made landfall in Mozambique last month, was the worst natural disaster to hit the country in more than 30 years . ExxonMobil provided US$300,000 to aid agencies supporting disaster relief and recovery and more than 100 hours of employee volunteerism in the days following the event.

“We are committed to helping restore normalcy to those impacted by Cyclone Idai – not just in the immediate aftermath of the disaster, but during ongoing relief, recovery and rebuilding efforts,” Jos Evens, Mozambique LCM, said. “Our ability to quickly respond and assist those impacted was recognized by the Mozambican government, cementing our status as a valued community partner.”

Some of the remote villages impacted by the storm are still accessible only by boat or helicopter. To help get critical supplies to those trapped by damaged roads and floodwaters, more than 30 employees, contractors and their family members volunteered to offload desperately needed goods from trucks to container ships, expediting the disbursement process.

“Both ExxonMobil and the country of Mozambique are filled with warm, resilient and hardworking people, and we saw that on full display as everyone worked together to help those in need following Cyclone Idai,” Evens said.

Our relief efforts now include a focus on livelihood restoration. Large amounts of standing water following the storm have increased the likelihood of a Malaria outbreak, and ExxonMobil hopes to reduce the threat of this life-threatening disease.