ExxonMobil Celebrates Children’s Day by inaugurating the Multi-use room in Boane

ExxonMobil celebrated this year’s Children’s day by inaugurating a multi-use facility alongside the Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Welfare. 


ExxonMobil Celebrates Children’s Day by inaugurating the Multi-use room in Boane
  • Forty orphans and community get a new multi-use facility
  • Facility equipped with an IT room, a Library, two equipped bedrooms and internet connectivity

The inauguration of facility took place at Lar Mamana Wa Kurula in Boane in the Province of Maputo in the presence of the Minister, Senior Executives from ExxonMobil and the benefiting community. The orphanage, that shelters 40 orphans and the neighboring community, was selected last year as one of the benefiting projects for ExxonMobil that carries education and empowerment of women as a strong focus.

The project, which began last year, was intended to be the construction of the facility and later extended to include the equipping of the rooms. The facility now boasts of an IT room, a Library, two equipped bedrooms and internet connectivity to allow the community to have better access to information and ultimately excel in their classes.

“It gives me great pleasure to witness the inauguration of this facility and to see ExxonMobil continue to deliver on their commitment to enhancing the quality of lives of Mozambicans”. Minister Chauque said during the inauguration ceremony.                                  

“ExxonMobil continues to support education in the communities in which we operate. This donation promotes the development of the local community through facilitating access to information through a library for the community,” Peter Clarke, ExxonMobil Vice President for LNG said during the launch.

The program, which is a response to the memorandum of understanding signed between the Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Welfare and ExxonMobil Moçambique, Limitada in December 2018, will benefit the orphanage and the broader community, which find shelter at the orphanage.

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